Virtual gifts on Mango Live

In the online broadcasting space Mango Live MOD APK, giving attractive gifts to idols is both a way to show support and an important part in creating a very positive interactive environment. So what virtual gifts are there currently in the app on Mango Live? Let’s explore more details in the article below!

Find out about the gifts available at the Mango Live app

For a long time, Mango Live has been known as a popular application that allows users to chat and broadcast videos directly. Here, users can send and receive virtual gifts as a way to show support and interact during live broadcast sessions. Here are a few gifts currently available in the app:

Wrapping gifts of love

Include love symbols like hearts, roses, or sentimental notes to express special affection. This is considered a popular gift, often sent by users to their idols.

Red heart gift wrap

A symbol of love and loyalty. With the purpose of showing extremely strong support and deep affection. Of course this gift package is also more valuable than the gift of love.

VIP gift package

Giving VIP gifts is a way to show appreciation for your favorite person. Here, symbols and images related to class and reputation may be included.


The symbols are extremely cute, such as dogs, cats or teddy bears. They are extremely funny and cute, creating more fun during live broadcasts.

The ultimate fashion gift

These are images related to fashion and style, they will be extremely suitable for those who care about appearance and personal style when experiencing Mango Live MOD APK.

These gifts are more than just a way to show support and engagement. Above all, it is also a way to create a fun and close atmosphere in the Mango Live APK community.

How to get virtual gifts to send idols on Mango Live

To get virtual gifts on the software, members need to buy them with coins or diamonds in the app. Here are the most specific instructions:

Accumulate coins or diamonds

First, members need to reach a sufficient number of coins or diamonds in their account. Players can earn coins or diamonds by watching videos, participating in events, or purchasing them from the app store.

Choose a gift

After having enough coins or diamonds, players will choose virtual gifts from the gift shop in Mango Live MOD APK. This store is located at the bottom corner of the screen or can be accessed from the main menu.

Buy gifts

Once you’ve selected the gift you want to send, tap the “Buy” or “Send” button and confirm the transaction. The number of coins or diamonds will be deducted from the account corresponding to the gift value.

Send gifts

After purchasing a gift, you can select the user to whom you want to send the gift. Usually, there is a gift icon near the chat box for members to select and send gifts to that user while they are broadcasting live.


With the richness and diversity of virtual gifts on Mango Live, users can easily create a unique and interesting exchange space. From love symbols to cute pet images, each gift carries a unique and meaningful message. Through the use of these gifts, we not only show support and affection for each other but also create a closer online environment.