How to chat with idols on the Mango Live MOD APK app

How to chat with idols on the Mango Live app is not only an opportunity to interact directly with celebrities but also many attractive things for fans. And below the article will guide you in detail the operations you need to perform on Mango Live.

Steps to chat with idols on Mango Live MOD APK

To chat with your favorite celebrities on the app, here are the steps you need to take:

Find your favorite idol

Use the search feature on the app to find the idol you want to chat with. Maybe you already know that idol’s name or account name, this will make it easier to find the idol.

Follow and participate in their livestream

Once you’ve found someone you admire, follow their account and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any broadcasts. When the idol broadcasts, participate in the livestream by clicking the broadcast icon.

Use the chat feature

During a conversation on Mango Live mod apk, users can use the chat feature to send messages and start chatting with idols. Write positive comments, ask questions or share your feelings with your idol.

Send gifts and stickers

Besides, fans can also send virtual gifts that will be converted into cash for the idol. This is what shows support and creates a highlight for the conversation. By following the above steps, you will be able to chat and interact with idols easily and interestingly on the Mango Live unlock app.

Note when chatting with idols on Mango Live MOD APK

During the livestream, there are a few things you need to remember to ensure a positive and respectful experience for both the idol and the viewing community:


Always maintain respect and politeness when chatting with celebrities as well as other members of the community. Avoid using inappropriate language or sending inappropriate content.

No harassment

Absolutely do not send too many or continuous messages to idols, especially if they do not respond. You should respect privacy and not cause inconvenience.

No spam

Avoid constantly spamming messages or virtual gifts into your idol’s chat. This can take away their concentration and make it difficult for them to manage the conversation.

Express interest and love

Ask meaningful questions and show interest in your idol’s work and interests. Thereby, it will create a positive conversation space full of sharing.

Build conversations in the best way

Avoid sensitive or controversial topics in conversation. Instead, members should focus on creating a positive and fun conversation environment for everyone. Participate in livestream for the purpose of entertainment, relaxation as well as meeting your favorite people, so always be in the happiest mood!

Comply with community regulations

Always comply with the regulations and instructions of the Mango Live apk and do not violate the basic principles of the online community. This is a very important thing that anyone participating in the app needs to seriously implement.


How to chat with idols on the Mango Live app has been guided in the article above. Hope it will help you succeed in talking to your favorite celebrity. Enjoy and cherish the moments of meeting and interacting online on Mango Live MOD APK!