How to give virtual gifts to idols on Mango Live on your phone

Join the Mango Live app but you’re still not sure how to send gifts to your favorite idol. Then don’t miss the following article, members will be given the most complete and detailed instructions on giving gifts to idols on Mango Live.

How to give gifts on Mango Live app on your phone

To give gifts to idols on the app, users need to follow the following order:

Open the Mango Live app

First, on their device, the user will open the app and log in to the previously registered account. In cases where it is not available, members need to follow the instructions to register.

Search for idols

Use the search function in the app to find the idol you want to give a gift to. Make sure you follow that idol so you can find them easily.

Select the idol’s broadcast room

Once an idol is found, users will click on their broadcast room to access the live chat. Here you will meet your favorite person at home.

Choose a gift

Below the broadcast interface, you will see a gift icon or gift box. Click that icon to open the gift list. Based on the number and type of gifts the member wants to give, click one or more gifts from the list and purchase them using the app’s currency format (usually points or diamonds).

Send gifts

After purchasing the gift, click on the gift the member wants to send and confirm sending the gift to the idol. And finally, you can enjoy and participate in the idol’s live chat. Users will definitely receive attention and feedback on the gift you sent.

Things to keep in mind when giving gifts to idols on Mango Live

Before sending gifts to your fans on the app, you need to note the following:

  • Amount and budget: Make sure members have an appropriate budget for the gift. Avoid spending too much compared to your current financial capacity.
  • Choose a suitable gift: Choose a gift that is suitable for your idol and based on their interests. Consider your idol’s preferences and choose gifts they can appreciate.
  • Check the validity of the gift: Members must have enough points or diamonds to purchase the gift before sending. Check if the gift is available in the list and can be sent.
  • Be respectful and polite: When sending gifts, be polite and respectful. Avoid sending inappropriate or offensive gifts to your idol.
  • Track responses: After sending gifts, track responses from idols. They can thank you in live chat or through online reactions.
  • Create a connection: Use gift giving as a way to create a connection with your idol. Show your support and affection sincerely.
  • Personal financial management: Don’t forget to control your spending and don’t forget your personal financial responsibility when giving gifts to idols on Mango Live.

In short, giving gifts to idols on Mango Live requires meticulousness and care on your part. Make sure you’re acting politely, respectfully, and meaningfully toward the idol the member supports.


Above is the simplest guide to giving gifts to idols on Mango Live. Actually, this is not only a simple action but also a way to show the support and affection of the fans. However, this is also an opportunity to build a positive interactive relationship between fans and idols. By being attentive and meticulous in choosing gifts, you can create memorable moments and contribute to your idol’s success on Mango Live.