How to create and register a Mango Live account on your phone

In today’s lively and networked age, participating in online activities, especially live video chats, has become a necessity. Mango Live, born at a time when livestreaming activities were becoming increasingly popular, quickly attracted the attention of many users. But before participating in this fascinating world, you need to understand how to register for a Mango Live account.

About Mango Live App

Launched at the golden age of the livestream feature, Mango Live inherits the strengths of previous applications and develops significantly to a more complete level. In particular, the app not only focuses on image and sound quality but also focuses on optimizing user experience on the platform.

The application is considered comprehensive in all aspects. Not only focusing on user experience but also targeting a diverse audience. This is demonstrated by the fact that Mango Live is compatible on both operating systems and is available in many countries around the world. This eliminates any barriers between users.

In particular, there is an extremely cute, clear and easy-to-use interface, even people with no technology knowledge can use it easily.

How to register an account on Mango Live easily on your phone

Opening an account on the app is also very simple and easy for most people:

Get the app

First, you need to access the app store on your mobile phone, like App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android Or you can download Mango Live MOD APK here. There, search and download the Mango Live app. This may take some time depending on the user’s current internet connection speed.

Install and open the application

After the download is complete, install the Mango Live application on your phone. This process is completed, members should open the application to begin registration.

Open a new account

When opening the application, users are required to register to join the app. Options may include using a mobile phone number or a social media account such as Facebook or Google. Enter necessary information such as phone number, email, username, password and other necessary information.

Verify account

Once registered, users are required to verify their account. By correctly entering the OTP code sent via the phone number or email provided previously. This process is done to ensure that your account will not be compromised by anyone.

Complete registration

After successfully verifying your account, you have completed the registration process on Mango Live. Now, players can start using the app to participate in online conversations and share content with the community.

Customize personal information (if any)

Finally, once you’ve entered the entertainment world of Mango Live, you may want to customize your personal information. This can include updating your profile picture, personal description, and other information to make your account more unique and appealing to other users.


For those who want to join the vibrant and exciting online community on Mango Live, opening an account is the first and most important step. With a friendly interface and an extremely simple way to register for a Mango Live account, users can quickly become a member and participate in live conversations, sharing memorable moments with the large community.