How to register to become an idol on Mango Live App

Do you have a passion for conveying your talent and creativity directly through livestream? If so, everyone may want to become an idol on Mango Live – a global live broadcast platform. But how are the operations done? Let’s learn how to register to become an idol on Mango Live in the following article!

Conditions to become an idol on Mango Live

To become an idol on the app, there are some very specific conditions that you should clearly understand:

Have an appearance that meets the requirements

One of the first important factors to become an idol on Mango Live is to have a good appearance. Attractiveness and confidence in communicating through the camera can play an important part in attracting the audience’s attention.

Ability to interact and communicate

To attract and retain viewers, members first need to be able to interact positively and confidently when communicating in front of the camera. This ability helps you stimulate audience engagement, receive positive feedback, and create a lively and interesting conversation environment.

Talent in a specific field

The App appreciates special talents in fields such as gaming, beauty, fashion, travel, technology, singing, or dancing. Having a special talent and performing it impressively on livestream will help easily attract the attention of a large audience.

Own a device and a stable internet connection

To be able to livestream on Mango Live effectively, you need to have a computer or mobile phone with a stable internet connection. This helps you access and participate in live broadcasts seamlessly and seamlessly.

How to register as an idol on Mango Live

Officially becoming an idol on the app is not too complicated, the steps you need to do are:

Find out requirements and standards

Before starting the registration process, make sure you clearly understand the requirements and standards that the application sets for idols. We shared this at the beginning of the article.

Register an account

If you don’t have an account on Mango Live, create a new account. This may require you to provide necessary personal information and confirm your email address or phone number.

Visit the registration page

After logging in to the newly created account, search and access the registration page to become an idol in the application. There will usually be a separate section or page devoted to this.

Fill in the information and submit the application

Enter all required information into the registration form and upload sample documents or videos for review by the app administrator. Make sure you provide accurate and compelling information to increase your chances of acceptance.

Waiting for review and feedback

Once successful in applying, please wait patiently for the review process from the app side. Response times may vary depending on the volume of applications and their processing.

Receive results notification

If your application is accepted, you will receive further notification and instructions from Mango Live. On the contrary, if you are not accepted, be patient and try to improve to reapply in the future.


We have given you the most dedicated instructions on how to register to become an idol on Mango Live. This is a great opportunity for you to show off your talent but also the first step to enter a world of entertainment full of challenges and potential. So don’t miss this very attractive thing for yourself!